Photo du bush Wind

The Wind Bush

The Wind Bush is smaller than the Wind- and Modular Trees and can be planted alone or in groups. The Wind Bush has just as many photovoltaic petals as Aeroleaves. These solar petals allow the Wind Bush to gain more power while being ultra-versatile.

from19 500 €

power4,2 kW
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The Wind Bush is an optimized combination of 12 Aeroleaves and 12 photovoltaic petals, mounted on 4 connected stems. It is especially well suited for sunny areas and small spaces. The Wind Bush can be installed alone or in a thicket, in alleyways or peripheries. It is easy to install, because it only needs a simple base to keep it on the ground.


The average production of our solutions can power up:

15 Street lights (100 Watts LED)

16 364 km for an electric vehicle

Provide lighting for 71 parking spaces or 15 Street lights (100 Watts LED)

100m 2 of office space if the space has a low energy consumption (20kWh/m2)

83% of a French household’s consumption outside of air-conditioning.

Planting a Wind Bush amounts to saving the equivalent of 576 kg of coal or 28 fifteen-litre jerry cans of fuel per year


1 Wind Bush


576 of coal/year


28fifteen-litre jerry cans of fuel/year