Gaining inspiration
from nature to produce
tomorrow’s sustainable energy

New World Wind offers solutions that combine high technology with smart design, micro wind turbines with solar petals. A range of innovative products, elegant and completely silent, a seamless fit in both urban and natural environments

Listen to the silence of the WindTree Patatoide

Our Trees

With their biomorphic Aeroleafs and their Solar petals, our Trees can be planted everywhere, naturally. Set it up right next to your company, in the middle of your garden, on the top of your roof, even in the heart of a busy city.
Different designs for different budgets from
€655 per Aeroleaf for standard versions
and €954 per Aeroleaf for the hybrid versions..

Smaller than the other Trees, the Windbush is composed of Solar petals as well as Aeroleafs to provide as much energy as possible without taking up a lot of space.

Configure your tree

With its totemic design, the Wind Tree is already a star asset for companies and communities that want to highlight their engagement in a greener future..

Customize your tree

The Modular Tree has 3 to 5 trunks, from 18 to 30 Aeroleafs with or without Solar petals. You can thus personalize your Tree according to your electrical needs and budget.

Customize your tree
Patatoide Patatoide Patatoide

Portfolio gallery

New World Wind draws inspiration from nature to offer local, customizable solutions to provide an elegant, powerful and sustainable electrical service.

  • Germany
  • Roland Garros
  • Aubervilliers
  • Cop21
  • Switzerland
  • Bellinzona
  • Mollard park in Chateauneuf 42 (Châteauneuf Town Hall)
  • Bezannes, Reims (Nacarat)
  • Roannais agglomeration
  • Vélizy

The WindTree is part of our social and environmental responsibility commitment and fills the need of power for our buildings. Besides, it contributes to a better attractivity of the working site for all employees. Olivier Guillouet, ICADE director

This is an real investment in terms of environmental innovation for us. We shall give priority to renewable and sustainable energy in order to improve our living environment and protect the next generations. Pascal Thévenot, Vélizy-Villacoublay mayor

Our commitment for planet earth

New World Wind is committed to more than providing Renewable Energy. For 1 Windtree/Windbush/Modular tree purchased, New World Wind gets 10 Trees planted and will give you a certificate of your tree. Together, we can aim for a greener world and cherish the nature that gave us everything.