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A breakthrough technology that potentiates diffuse energies

l'arbre à vent, énergie renouvelable, éolienne

A proprietary technology that makes the ingenious bet to capitalize Watts to make kiloWatts. The Aeroleafs take the wind at 360° and because they are light and almost without inertia (direct drive), they can stick to the highly unstable wind curve in urban areas.

A starting threshold of less than 2 m/s

Proprietary Technology

The current is generated by a set of magnets (rotor) driven in rotation by the light which pass in front of a power circuit (stator). A fine regulation of the current produced in this way gives the system its full efficiency. Each Aeroleaf contains a microprocessor that calculates the voltage/current every 10 milliseconds to determine the optimal rotation speed for each sheet, which will be able to extract the maximum wind energy.


Wind Tree: Aerogenerator comprising a trunk and a plurality of branches extending from this trunk
Issued on December 23, 2016

Aerogenerator assembly and assembly comprising such an assembly
Issued on January 20, 2017

Photovoltaic Petroleum on Aeroleaf: system coupling wind energy with solar energy
Application filed on October 28, 2016

arbre à vent, énergie renouvelable, éolienne, production, détails



A mechanical and electrical plug & play assembly allows the Aeroleafs to be changed safely (low voltage) and without stopping production.


Robust mechanics, without belt or gear, for greater durability.


Adapts in numbers to all needs, from 500 W to 5.4 kW.


Vertical axis and direct drive micro-turbine that generates no mechanical noise (for perfect acceptability).



300 days / year of production


A system Plug & Play permit to change by yourself Aeroleafs® without dangers (low-voltage).


The Wind Tree® can be installed as close as possible to buildings — here’s no line loss and no construction permit necessary..


Sized for a minimum of 15 years and meets the Eurocode



Robust mechanics, without belt or gear, for greater durability


Adapts in numbers to all needs, from 500 W to 5.4 kW


Turbine with vertical axis for a perfect acceptability


The Aeroleaf derives its efficiency from its low inertia and its on-board microprocessor, which allows it to extract the maximum amount of energy from the wind it perceives at any given moment, without delay on wind peaks and independently of other Aeroleafs.